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Events and Workshops

Vet Visit Prep Workshop

5/4/2024 & 5/5/2024

Saturday and Sunday at 5p

In this 2 day workshop you will be able to give your dog a voice. You will learn how to read your dogs body language and learn how to support them through the vet visit. 

Day 1

- Learn how to set your dog up for success before even leaving your house.

- Handling exercises to work on with your dog to open communication between you and your dog.

- Learn what your dogs body language is telling you. 

- Introduction to equipment used during the vet visit.

Day 2

- Review the handling exercises, body language, and equipment.

- Partnering exercises to put what you've learned into play.

        ** Aggressive or reactive dogs are not able to attend. (Unless approved) Consider an Auditing spot. You will still have hands on participation. 

        ** For participating dogs you will be required to bring a crate or another person to hold onto your dog while partnering up with other participants. 

Working Spot $75 - Allowed to bring one dog. (Please bring a crate or another person to hold your dog while working with another team.) 



Audit Spot $45 - Unable or choose not to bring your dog, but still want to learn how to support your dog  through a vet visit? Choose an Audit Spot.

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